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My neighbor had an old solid-wood table she was no longer using.So we decided to cut it in two, down the center lengthwise. We both were able to make a wall mounted Desk top/Pub table out of it. She will mount hers at the table’s original height and use standard chairs to sit at it.

My husband had gotten a great deal on some dark wood tall pub chairs. So I added about 10 inches of length to the table legs by cutting a 4x 4 board down to the size I needed. I then found a stain to match the chairs and stained the table and legs. This gave us the perfect little table, as well as some added interest to our very small dining area.

To mount the table to the wall, I measured the height of my completed table from floor to under the table top. Then I mounted a 2×4 a few inches short of  the length of the table, onto the wall at that height. Use long screws, and make sure you go into the studs in the wall. These can be found using an inexpensive stud finder from your local hardware. It’s a nice tool to have around.

Always remember to try to think outside the box. This adds so much life and interest to your home and can be done on a very small budget.


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