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Small bathrooms can seem even smaller when your tub has doors or a standard rod with shower curtain. I love this new arched shower rod. It gives more elbow space in the shower and just makes it feel like there is more space to breath.

Another trick is to use a clear shower curtain. This one  is covered with lace to offer some privacy. Since the light is outside of the shower you see out but others can’t see in. Making the showering experience very relaxing and spacious feeling.

Here we have the throne at a 45 degree angle again, with the shelf behind it. I also wanted a place for books. Building a small 4″ deep square shelf unit that could be recessed into the wall is a great idea to conserve space. This cabinet also serves as a service opening to our gas line supply to the living room fireplace. It is easily removed for access.

When possible it is good to use the space above the throne. Here we have a corner cabinet that holds the soaps, shampoos, band aids , ect.  Make sure when you have a cabinet over the throne to always close the lid before opening cabinet doors, just in case something falls out.

To the right of the throne I have a vintage wooden tool box that I picked up second hand. I painted it and sanded the edges to expose the old wood, it adds a little touch of the French Country look  that I love so much. In the bottom it holds extra bath tissue , toothpaste,  and brushes. The upper tray  is perfect for hand towels and wash cloths.

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