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Check this out! How much do you think this beautiful bathroom cabinet cost? Well it was much less then you would think. It is actually an antique dinning room buffet. We found this piece on Craigslist in our area for $100.00. It had been sitting in an elderly ladies garage for years. It had a tiny bit of water damage on the right side that faces the corner wall , but it was easily repaired and not noticeable once the cabinet was in place.. Of course we had to sand it down , re-stain it and put 4  coats of Satin Polyurethane on it to seal it from water damage. We also removed old hardware and cleaned it up. This long thin cabinet works perfect for this narrow bathroom. It offers elegance, storage, and counter space.

Keep thinking outside the box. Check your local Craigslist, or estate sales/garage sales. You might be surprised what you find and just what you can find to do with it! Probably for a lot less than you would pay at a store, and it will be unique. Bring your personality to the fore front in your home.

The sink came with a template for cutting the hole in the top of the cabinet. We measured  the cabinet top side to side and front to back- to find the exact middle. Then we placed the template accordingly.

We played with  faucet  placement moving it from the traditional middle back; to the side of the oval sink. This added Character and made the piece more interesting. It   would also be easier to reach the water lines to work on them if there was a problem down the line. The top two middle drawers were modified to accommodate the inserting of the sink and plumbing. We made ours usable, but we could have just removed the drawer fronts and mounted them directly to the cabinet with hinges for easy access, or permanently.

The faucet we used has a pump style spout. These faucets have a water pressure reducer on them so that the water does not shoot out and get everything wet, but gently falls from the spout. This will help reduce your water bill.












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