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Color is so important to your space. It dictates a mood. It makes you feel warm, happy, maybe even sad. It can make a room feel closed in, or opened up. Here is a perfect example of what color can do for a room.

I love the rich deep color of plum on these walls, yet with the dark wainscoting it feels warm, but closed in. Some times you want to make a room look more cozy and warm, but for this dinning area it was a little too claustrophobic.

Look at the difference once the walls are painted medium shade sage green. We keep the warmth but now it feels more open. Then by painting the wainscoting an off white the room just seems to open up wide. Notice how the darker plum color absorbed the light, while the lighter colors reflect it.The  room now feels sunny and warm even though the lighting is the same.

When choosing color for your home, pick the colors that you repeatedly are drawn to and tend to purchase. For instance I found myself buying wall art with the same color of mat. Four different times I made my choice because of the mat more then the art. I finally took the mat to the paint store and had a match made for my walls.I was drawn to it  because the brown/green color of the mat made the red that I love, just pop! Once I painted my walls this color the room became intimate, warm and elegant looking. It is a room I love being in. This is the key to having your home be an extension of you and a place you love to spend time.

Once I painted my bedroom a beautiful steal gray with white trim because my sister had done it to one of her rooms and I thought it was beautiful. You see my sister had put these colors in one of the warmest rooms in her home. These were colors that helped the room feel more comfortable by aiding in the allusion that the room was cooler then it actually was. Plus these were colors that my sister surrounded herself in and that she felt at home in. They were an extension of her.

I attempted the same thing, But once it was done in my home, it felt cold, and icy. Why? Because I had made the mistake of painting it in the coldest room in the house. Which also happened to be my bedroom. Bad combination! Neither my husband nor I felt comfortable in the room. Because of the cold feeling, and because it was not a representation of us. We only left it that color for about a year. Then we went with a warm, darker color, and both fell in love with it! The coldest room in our home now felt warm, cozy. and intimate; because the color was warm and it was a color we both loved.

You will see colors in others homes that are beautiful and make you feel good. Remember that there are many things to consider when picking a color for your living space. But I believe the most important one is to chose colors that you surround yourself with already! Make a conscious effort to look at the things you love to be around, the clothes that you love to wear, the things that you are drawn to pick up in stores. Finds the commonality in them and make a color pallet of you. This may sound harder then it really is. Most fabrics are already in a color pallet that work together.

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