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You wouldn’t believe how much money you can save by learning to sew. Yes, it takes more of your time, but the satisfaction of making
something unique and special for your home and family is priceless.

I have sewn for years and I can tell you that people enjoy and treasure hand made gifts! It is economical and fun. You get to have lovely things around your home and as gifts for friends and it doesn’t put you into bankruptcy to do it!

This bed spread and dust ruffle only cost me $50.00. It is hand
quilted and I made up the pattern myself, so there is not another just  like it anywhere. I took the traditional wedding ring quilt pattern
and gave it a Celtic knot feel, by transitioning from dark colors to  light.

But I also had enough fabric left over to make another quilt front. That’s 2 queen size quilts for $50.00.

The key is to get fabrics when they are at a good sale price. Clip coupons and check out clearance sales. Buy colors you love and that go together well. Then, when you have enough, start your quilt. You can find quilt patterns at the library. There are quilting shops where you can have it machine quilted for a fee.

I don’t expect you to start sewing with a wedding ring quilt. Remember to start simple. I usually start my students out with a pair of pajamas. Simple straight line sewing is easy and gives a sense of achievement. Not everyone has to see it, if it’s not perfect!  When you are ready to try a quilt, look for some really good books called “Quilt in a day” with great time-saving ideas.

Check the paper, or Craigslist.com want ads in your local area to find out where you might get a few sewing lessons. They are well worth your time and money. It will save you a bundle in the end!

Find my work on these fine sites…Happy Shopping!

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