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Getting prepared to start removing both of the walls pictured here. The living room/kitchen wall  and kitchen/dining room wall must go to make the push out into the living room area so we can enlarge the kitchen. Our youngest son helps in the destruction process, every  little boy’s dream! After stripping out the old cabinets and wall board we are now able to see our new space for the first time. Now we are faced with taking out one bearing wall and one non-bearing wall. The non-bearing wall is simple: you can just cut your studs in half with a reciprocating saw and pull them out.

Removing a bearing wall (usually runs at 90 deg. to ceiling joists) is more difficult as a temporary wall must be built to bear the weight of the house until a beam can be put in it’s place. ( check last weeks blog on details for building a temporary support wall.) You will need to do this according to code in your area.

Once the walls are down and Beam is in place, it is time to build new walls and frame the doorway. We build a half wall where we will place the cabinets in the future.

For lighting we want some can lights to light up just the counter space we are working at. After deciding on placement of lights we prepare the ceiling for installation of  electrical boxes. After the electrician and plumber have everything installed where it is needed, it is time to call the inspectors to come give the go ahead to insulate.

Once the insulation is in it’s time to get the sheet rock into place. This takes a lot of measuring and cutting. Then there is the taping and plastering and after that the texturing. It is time tacking but you can do it! Remember to paint walls with a sheet rock  primer-sealer before painting your wall color. This sealer is not the same as just primer. It will seal the sheet rock surface and the plastered surfaces so that they reflect the sunlight the same. Otherwise you may see your seams as the paint will reflect differently off of the two different kinds of  surfaces. After painting your ceiling and walls, you finally get to do some of the fun stuff. Now you get to hang the light fixtures that you love. And everything just starts feeling pulled together.

























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