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When installing Kitchen cabinets you want to start by measuring up from the floor to the height of your lower cabinets. Using a long level, make sure you hold it so that all the bubbles are as close to the center of the little marks on each window of the level. Then have someone else take a pencil and make a mark all along the wall at that height. If the floor is not level start at the high end with the mark and work your way to the low side. You want your cabinets to be level to your eye. Our house was built in the 40’s and the kitchen floor has a 1 inch difference in level from one side to the other in a 10′ distance. That is quite a bit of unlevel. If the cabinets wrap around to the next wall start your mark at the level of the previous line. This will keep your cabinets level to the eye, which is what you want. If you just place them flat on the floor you will not be able to tighten the gaps between the cabinets properly. Shims  have to be placed under cabinets to raise them where needed.

















After the line has been drawn all the way around you will need to do the same for the upper cabinets. To accommodate modern counter top appliances you will need to add about 18″ to the bottom line and mark the walls all around at that height.  Now take a long straight board and screw it into the stud under your top line. This will serve as a resting place for your uppers while someone screws them into  place.

Before starting to hang your cabinets, take a stud finder and mark with pencil again where each stud is found. This will make it so much easier ( for the one putting the screws in to hang the cabinets ) to find the stud the first time.

Clamps are used to help pull the cabinet faces together for a smooth tight seam. Wood wedges between cabinets are a great idea to keep cabinets straight, as cabinet faces are wider then their sides. Once clamped into place screw directly from one cabinet facing into the other from inside the door openings. Pre-drill holes and use 3″ screws

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