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We purchased this house in 1982. I had a 14 month old little girl and was 8 months pregnant. And winter was just around the corner. The oil heater that came with the house didn’t work and was vented into a chimney (that the inspector condemned). Oh the joys of being young and naive’. Well for the first few months of cold weather we tried heating the house with portable heaters. Needless to say it didn’t work. The girls both got pneumonia. We had put all our money into getting into the place and had nothing to get a good heat source. One day my sister , brother in law, and about 3 other couples from church showed up with a surprise house warming party for us. When they hauled in a wood stove, my husband and I burst into tears right there and then. What a wonderful gift from God. I”m choking up now as I right about it . Tear rolling down my cheek,  maybe you can now see the difficult decision we had before us when we decided to take out the wood stove to add a master bathroom. Replacing the beautiful gift with a gas fireplace. It was a hard decision, but necessary.

23 years later, girls grown with children of their own and now little boys occupying this little home. Again we set the kids to work demolishing. Every guys dream come true. Bricks coming down, mortar bits everywhere. Oh Joy!

No going back now, the wall was opened up to connect to the closet space behind. Our new space would be 9 1/2′ x 8′. That is a pretty respectable size for a house that is under 1000 square ft.

Now to build a new wall to connect with the living room wall, and one at a 45 degree angle for the fireplace.

Always plan your project in advance, drawing and redrawing all your options. Try thinking outside the box. “This process is so much easier once you have moved a wall or two.” Insert laughter here! Once I had planned placement of all the bathroom plumbing and lighting fixtures we set to work building.

Here my grand kids try out the new tub to see if it’s going to work out well. My daughter came to spend the day to help me out and learn. Last summer I returned the favor by helping her and her husband remodel their bathroom.

Insulation and sheet rock make for quick work of this project. Then to taping and plastering. This always takes longer then I want it to. At this point I can see the end in sight and want to start decorating. But I have to discipline myself to trudge on with the mundane. Soon I will be laying tile on the floor and in the shower!

See Old Flair for New fireplace to see the finished fireplace project.

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