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Now that all the plastering and painting is done it is time to install our new wood flooring. We chose an unfinished wood for our kitchen floor. All the boards were milled to the same thickness so very little sanding was involved.  A special tool is needed to nail these hard wood tung and groove boards into place. You hammer on the tool with a rubber mallet and the tool releases a nail when the pressure is at the right amount so the nails always go in at the same depth. If you like doing puzzles you will like laying a wood floor. The boards come in all different lengths. When laying row by row make sure that the ends of the boards in one row do not come with in 6 inches of the end junction of the previous row’s board. This will help your floor be stronger and less apt to squeak.

Once all boards are in place we gave the entire floor a light sanding. Wipe down with a tack cloth, then stain ,and then a polyurethane floor finish can be applied. About 6 coats are needed. Then according to what  ever  floor finish you use  it may be up to 6 days before you can place furniture on it. I recommend a matte finish as it is easier to keep clean looking.

When we put wood flooring in our living room we purchased  pre-finished flooring. These are great because you install them and you are done. A couple of days for the installation then you can move in. It beats waiting a week. The only down fall I have found is that most pre-finished wood flooring has a gloss finish. When  damp mopping you must wipe up after to keep dried water spots  from showing dull spots on the floor. Also the pre-finished boards are slightly beveled on their edge. I guess this is  in case the boards are not exactly the same thickness, but dirt can get stuck in the groves created by the bevel.  All in all I love both my pre- finished and  self-finished wood flooring.









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