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Did you know that stores that sell paint often have a discount section where they sell paints that were mixed  incorrectly?  These paints are called mismatch paints ( Home Depot calls them ” OOPS! paint”) . You can oftentimes find beautiful colors.  I have been very blessed to be able to find colors that were exactly the color I wanted. The trick is to look every time you go to the store.I recommend using a primer over any darker color previously painted on the walls. Colors from underneath can change the way the light reflects off of your new color. This can cause your new color to look grayed and dull.

When painting with a dark color I recommend getting a tinted primer the same color as your paint. Darker paints take more coats to cover your  walls any way.  But with a tinted primer you should only have to put a layer of primer and one of paint color. With just paint you may have to do 3 or 4 layers to get it to cover well. Also now you can buy “paint & primer” in one, which is even a better idea as it will save you some money in the long run.

Again choose colors you love and already surround yourself with. Like the things you are drawn to in the stores, pay attention as you will find that you tend to see some colors more then others. Have you ever been shopping with a friend, looking through a clothing rack? You will have looked at the same rack yet your friend will pull out something really cute that you didn’t even see when you looked through. I do this all the time with my daughter. I have a tendency to see Earth tone and jewel tones. My daughter has a tendency toward pastels and and brights. She finds the cutest things that I never even saw. Of course I wouldn’t look good in them either so I wouldn’t buy them;  but they are beautiful colors. My point is this:  sometimes when we are visiting a friend’s house we just love the color they painted their walls. But remember it is a extension of our friend, but not necessarily an extension of you. You will want your home to tell people about you- who you are, how you feel.  The colors you choose can do that in subtle ways.

As an experiment I would like my readers to look through these pictures from past blogs. What can you tell about me?Just by looking at the pictures of my home; What do the colors I choose, the art work, and the over all feel tell you about me and my family?

If you read my blog on a regular basis, please participate! This should be interesting.



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