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In a small work space you need to be as organized as possible. In my business I sew, make cards, draw and paint artwork and small furniture, and have my office computer and desk. I have built in 3 work stations, but still needed to get the things I had into locations to make them more readily available when I needed them as to not slow down my work process. Here I added simple shelves to help hold all the things I need at a glance.

My sewing station was pretty much established the way I needed it before. Adding the shelves created the space I needed to rearrange things in the cabinets, and move something’s that were not sewing related to other areas of the studio, and move some other sewing items closer.

My desk area was pretty well established also but I still needed space for things I needed close by and handy, but didn’t necessarily want on my small desk top. Here I was able to use a nice wooden box that I had picked up from a friend’s garage sale. I hung the box on the wall by drilling screws through the wooden back of the box into the studs on the wall. I then placed the shelf I had cut at the same level as the bottom of the box. This created a very nice little nook for my accounting books and manuals that I need handy.

I purchased the shelf brackets I needed at my local building supply and used the left over ply wood from when I put in my desk tops. Buying simple trim boards to give them a smooth and finished look. This was an inexpensive way to add more organization, giving the allusion of having more space.

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