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I Love my Pantry/Laundry closet. It is so nice to have an enclosed space to store our food supply, laundry, and much-needed cleaning items. I also love having a stack washer & dryer as it take up so much less space than a side by side.

We were able to purchase this nice sturdy metal rack  that fit perfect into our space. These shelves made it possible  to hold everything we needed, yet look clean and neat. But it always kinda bothered me that when ever I went to the pantry to get food out to prepare dinner, I also had to see our dirty laundry and cleaning supplies. My hopes were to some day separate the two areas, having the pantry on one side and the cleaning supplies/ laundry on the other. That day has come with the purchase of our new washer/dryer. As the Dryer venting set up was different on this set it was necessary to move it over to the left so that the venting and the water lines did not collide. This of course made it impossible to reuse the metal shelving, but opened up the opportunity for us to divide the two sections as we had always  wanted to do.

We purchased shelf tracks  (so that we would be able to adjust the shelving as needed) and brackets from our local building supply. These are so easy to install. You just locate the studs in the wall, and place the shelf tracks directly on them and screw into place. We purchased plywood and cut our own shelves to save some money, but you can purchase precut shelves if you do not have the equipment to cut your own. Some building supply stores will even cut them to length for you. If you have an area that needs something other than the standard sizes they sell this may be a good option for you. There may be a small fee for this service.

I love the results. It is so wonderful! Our Pantry/Laundry closet has bi-fold doors, so now I only open the side that I want to see and use. The new washer & dryer serve as a nice wall divider between the two areas. How cool is that!

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