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Each year for Mother’s day, my husband and children have purchased live potted plants for me to plant in my garden. The result is, that every year on mothers day my garden blooms with the blossoms of their love. My spring garden is my very favorite. Because each blossom is like a kiss from someone I love. Gardening is one of my passions (and they all know that) and by giving me the gifts that bless me the most, they  continue to bless me through the years.  This beautiful delight for my eyes blesses my heart every spring! Who could ask for more then that.

When you are picking a mother’s day gift this year for the special moms in your life, ask yourself: What is her passion? Does she love sewing? Buy her fabric or a gift certificate for her favorite fabric store. Does she love doing art work? Buy her a sketch pad and some pencils. If she loves gardening, buy her potted plants that will bloom every spring around mothers day. If she owns her own home she can plant them outside in the ground, or you could go plant them for her if she is no longer able to. If she lives in an apartment, buy her some pretty pots and potting soil so she can plant them and put them on her deck or window sill. If she loves gardening, and can still do so, remember to buy her the stuff she will need, and let her do it. A nice pair of garden gloves and a small trowel, or hand shovel, are also nice gifts to go with the flowers you purchase.

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