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So remember the Shutters from last weeks post? Well I had more fun with them. This idea came to me at 3 am at night. I was so excited to build them, that I couldn’t get back to  sleep, so I forced myself to stay in bed and rest until a civilized time to run saws and air compressors and such. LOL.

My Idea was to make wall mount letter boxes. These are made by turning the shutter side ways and making angled side pieces from a 1 x4 I had laying around. After sanding them  glue and tack them in place. For this I used a small tack/ nail gun, attached to an air compressor. I love this tool! Anyone who does projects like this, or for putting up crown molding around ceilings, should have one of these. Using a table saw  rip a board the size  needed for the base, and tacked it into place. 

 Use a piece of 1/4 in ply wood and cut it to the width of the height desired for the back piece. Then use a chop saw to cut the length to match that of the shutter plus the  width of the end boards. Finally use a jig saw to cut the decorative curves at the top. Sand all your boards well before gluing and nailing them together.

Now that it is all assembled you can paint it and add the details you want. I wanted the shabby look, so I did not re-paint the shutter, instead I painted everything else  a creamy white to match the paint that was already on the shutter.Then I sanded the edges to give it an aged look also. To finish it up in the French Country style my husband and I like, I added a label word, then splattered the whole project with speckles of brown/ green/ and red

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