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What is your Standard/Measuring Stick?

By Jackie Miller Jan 3rd 2012

I recently saw an interview with Franklin Graham where he was totally set up to fail in giving an answer. The interviewer says, “So if a person doesn’t know Jesus as his personal Lord and savior, they go to Hell, Is that right? Well then what you are saying is that all those innocent people that died at the hands of Hitler all went to Hell?” Now this guy knew that this question was loaded, and that he would stop Franklin cold. Which basically he did. I was so angry at this interviewer because it wasn’t a fare question to ask, in fact it was a trick question. No one can answer that question without looking heartless. And all the sudden my eyes were opened to something I have always known but never really fully realized before.

See we as humans  compare ourselves to people we deem to be worse than us to make ourselves look good. After all who wants to look bad compared to other people? You see we are always trying to make ourselves look better and feel smarter than everyone else. We hate being corrected or told that we need to change things in our life. Why do we hate it when the Dr. tells us that we are going to have to change our diet, because we are sinners and we don’t want to change, that is why.

I recall having a conversation after one of these visits to the Dr. that went something like this. “But Honey the Dr. says you need to take off some of that extra body weight.” He comes back with “But I’m not as big as the guys at work!” As if to say, this is good enough, as if this makes his being overweight not as bad as someone else’s. I guess his heart attach and diabetes won’t kill him like the other guys diseases will. This was so frustrating to me, but then I realize that we all do this! And this is what this interviewer was doing now.

See compared to Hitler, we are all innocent people. That man was evil incarnate! Possessed even! I mean who wouldn’t want to use Hitler as the standard because we come out smelling like roses and looking like angels. But this is wrong, It has a huge flaw in its execution, and deep down we all know it.

Our standard should be Jesus Christ, God in all his Holiness and righteousness. But nobody wants to compare themselves with Holiness. Nobody wants to compare themselves with Righteousness. Why? Because it make us look evil, and makes us smell like dung! But this is the standard that we should use.

Why? Because if you are comparing yourself to what you deem as less, evil even.  First of all you are striving to stay in a sinful state and get away with it. Secondly, because you have no compassions or value on others. Thirdly, because  without even realize it,  you are actually become more like the standard you measure yourself too, Lesser and Evil.

Likewise if you have God/Jesus, Righteousness and Holiness as a standard you realize that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and that you are no better than anyone else. You realize that your acts of righteousness are exactly that, Acts and very bad acting at that. You begin to have compassion for other people and value them as Christ does and therefore start to become more like your standard your measuring stick, Jesus!

It is easier- in fact, it is human nature to take the easy way out and remain in our sin. It’s hard to be a sold out Christian /a Disciple of Christ. You won’t win any popularity contests, and people most certainly will not want to hear what you have to say. But I would not trade this love that God has given me for others, for all the self praising and pats on the back in the world. I chose a standard that I have no possible way of reaching, because it keeps me reaching for Truth righteousness, and beauty.

I am truly blown away that this righteous God that cannot look on sin has loved us so much that He was willing to die in our stead, so that we could live with Him eternally. Though our sins were Red as scarlet, they have been made white as snow. It blows me away that though I mess up every day and sin against the most Holy God, that I love, He does not kill me where I stand and He continues to give me new breath every day. Not only that He lets me exist but He blesses my life and gives me a great joy inside that is beyond understanding. This can never be obtained when my standard/ measuring stick is evil, but only in the realization that He is God and I am sinful and so are you.

There are NO INNOCENT PEOPLE! We are all Sinners; we all deserve to die for “the wages of sin is death.” But God has made a way for us through Christ’s death on the cross for us. Almighty Righteous God has redeemed us, purchased us, and paid our dept. Some of us have accepted that gift, we are Not perfect, still naturally sinners, but we are at least aiming to please and serve God using Him as our standard! The sooner you realize this truth, the sooner you can except His gift of forgiveness and live with an unexplainable deep joy!

Definition of INNOCENT

a : free from guilt or sin especially through lack of knowledge of evil : blameless b : harmless in effect or intention c : free from legal guilt or fault; also : lawful

a : lacking or reflecting a lack of sophistication, guile, or self-consciousness : artlessingenuous b : ignorant  unaware

3: lacking or deprived of something

Synonyms: impeccablepuresinlesswhite

Antonyms: impure, sinfulsinning Definition of SINFUL

1: tainted with, marked by, or full of sin : wicked

2: such as to make one feel guilty

Synonyms: blackdarkevilimmoraliniquitousnefarious,rottenbadunethicalunlawfulunrighteousunsavory,viciousvilevillainouswickedwrong

Antonyms: decentethicalgoodhonesthonorablejust,moralrightrighteoussublimeuprightvirtuous


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