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This hasn’t happened to me for a long time, maybe 10 years, maybe longer. I was out of training, so I didn’t know if my skills were up to the task, but I accepted the challenge anyway. It all started by someone calling out my name in the middle of the night. “Granny, I had a bad dream and I’m really scared, can I come into bed with you?” My reply was out before she finished the question; I said “of course sweet heart” As I pulled back the blankets and moved my pillow over so my granddaughter could share it with me. She ran and hurdled herself into the very center of my being and pushed back in against me with ever fiber of hers. My arms were there and ready to envelope her to comfort and love her. As I kiss her head and hold her tight I start to pray over her that the Lord would take away her bad dreams and help her to relax and be able to rest. At first she is stiff and trembling, but the more I prayed, cuddled and loved, the more relaxed she became until total peace had filled her little body.

I had not lost my touch; my mommy (Now Granny) super powers were still active. They were just a little older and a lot more mature. Amazingly I discovered with beautiful clarity I now had super power sight. Oh what a beautiful gift Jesus gave me last night; as I lay there, half asleep, holding her close to my heart. A flood of memories came back to me in that precious moment as her warm little body warmed my very soul. How many times in my life have I done this before?  How many nights in my life had I begrudgingly wished my kids would just sleep through the night so that I could sleep? How many times had I laid there uncomfortably, while little arms and legs wiggled and poked me? Just waiting for them to get tired enough for me to carry them to their own bed so I could have my space? I remembered each time, each child, and I almost wept with the overwhelming wish that this moment in time, right now while I held my granddaughter, would never end.

Now was not the time for desiring to go back to sleep, NO! Now was a time to share our hearts, our dreams, and yes some laughter.  I whisper into my Em’s ear “how would you like to get up with Granny and have some hot chocolate?” I think she was out of bed before I could finish saying it. I gave her my big fuzzy red robe to wear, and it trailed behind her on the floor as we walked to the kitchen. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Hot cocoa in our hands, we sat wrapped in the same blanket on the sofa and listen to Taylor swift (Her favorite singer) on her I pod, and of course we sang along…” some day I’ll be living in a big old city, and all your ever gonna be is mean.” ~~~~ I really really really love my life!

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