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Have you ever left your phone on after a phone call, or put it down during a conversation meaning to come back after a quick errand? Or someone pocket dials you and you can hear their conversation even though they have no idea that you are listening?

I have been on the other end of these calls and have waited for some time for the caller to come back to the phone or to realize that they have accidentally called me. While listening and trying to figure out who it is that called, sometimes I hear things that the caller probably wished I hadn’t heard. I usually will eventually talk as loud as I can into the phone hoping that the caller will hear me and pick up their phone or eventually just hang up.

I bring this up because this is how I like to pray. I call out to the Lord in the morning and spend sometime talking to Him. But then instead of hanging up I leave it on speakerphone. Now I remember that God is still on the line so I try to live my life so that He will be blessed by the things He hears me say and do and not greave him by saying things I ought not. I am also able to ask for forgiveness immediately if and when I do mess up, without having to go look for the phone and dial the number again…  I am simply just able to say, “Oh I’m so sorry Lord for being selfish just now, please forgive me.” And He always does.

I can talk to God anytime during the day that I like. I can thank Him for the Birds, and for missing the car that I almost hit. The coolest thing about doing this is that I can hear Him talk back to me. Well not in an audible voice, but that still small voice, like a voice on the wind.

Even cooler yet is that He loves it when I do this. I know when I get calls where the caller doesn’t hang up; I get upset and frustrated, but not God. He wants to have a relationship with us that is a constant and daily walk.

Now just to be honest, I don’t always make that call in the morning like I want to. Sometimes life gets in the way and my good intentions don’t pan out. Those days are dry and difficult because since I didn’t make the call, I end up not sharing my every minute with the Lord either. The good news is I can place that call anytime of the night or day.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. My husband and son were home and the sun was out, so many things were going on. I kept thinking in the back of my mind.” I really need to call God and talk for a while.” But then life would take off in a run again and I would forget. So, Last night when I woke at 4 in the morning, as I usually do, I didn’t just lie there and hope to go back to sleep. I dialed God’s number and He immediately answered. Cool thing is, my husband was awake too so we made it a conference call. Lying there in the dark holding my husbands hand, speaking is gentle whispers so as not to wake the kids, my husband and I began our conversation with God. We talked for a good while. It was wonderful! … and no, we didn’t hang up!

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