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Originally I made these colorful boxes to be magazine racks. Then my friend gave me a bunch of strawberry plant starts and I had no where to plant them. I needed planters quick. As I tried to think of how I could build a strawberry tower, theses magazine racks came to my mind. It was a light bulb moment as I realized that these shutter boxes would make beautiful planters.

To convert them I simply lined the box with a thick plastic. With a razor knife I cut a few small slits in the plastic, at the base  where the shutter flaps are, for drainage. I filled them with a nice potting soil mix and planted my starts. My strawberries are up and out of the way of the snails and they look beautiful as well. It is so lovely to just walk out on the back deck and pick fresh strawberries to go with my morning breakfast.

Remember to think outside the box and be creative on how to use things in a different way then you may have originally planned. I get so many compliments on these lovely unique planters made from old house shutters purchased at a local used building supply and some scrap wood pieces I had. A quick project that will bring you  joy everyday!

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