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     So about 10 years ago I found some sycamore tree starts out front under our large sycamore tree. I absolutely love our sycamore, so I carefully dug up the starts and planted them in pots. Through the years they got to big for the pots, so a couple years back I planted them in our back yard. I was so happy to think of all the shade my back yard would get in a few years.

Then as they grew bigger, I started to wonder why I hadn’t planted maples instead. They have much prettier fall color and smaller leaves. I started to dread all the work that was ahead of us as I thought of all those leaves.  Sycamore leaves do not breakdown quickly and so we have had to rake them every year because the old leaves will lie around for years. I even went through the thought process of thinking about cutting the young trees down and replanting maples. But I really liked that we were finally getting some shade into the back yard, so discarded the thought and decided to be content in the trees that the Lord had given us for free.

This spring something weird happened. There were yellow/green blossoms on our two young sycamore trees. I had never seen anything like this before on our big sycamore. I goggled the question “Do sycamore trees have flowers?” and the answer was yes, so I did think to look for pictures I just brushed it off, as “That is just the weirdest thing that I have never seen the flowers before; But our old tree is very tall and large so maybe the blossoms were at the top and I just couldn’t see them.”

So today I am out watering the flowers around the base of the young trees that are now about 15 ft. tall and I notice that they have the little helicopter seeds like a maple tree. Now that was really weird. I know my sycamore has never had those. It gets ball shaped seeds. So again I turn to Google and start by looking at pictures of the blooms and seeds.

Turns out that my two young sycamores are not sycamore trees at all, but Emerald Queen Norway maple trees. In their description as It reads “the shape of the leaves resemble those of the sycamore tree. LOL

How awesome, that God knew I would want maple trees in my back yard 10 years before I knew I wanted maple trees. God is so very awesome and He cares for every detail of our lives. EVERY DETAIL!  ~~~I love my life!







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