So , my son went in for minor surgery a while back. As he is coming out of the anesthesia the nurse starts to read over the papers telling him  what things he can and cannot do while on medication. At one point she says “while on this medication make sure you have No Alcohol.” To which Isaac replies “Yah! I know alcohol, it’s ~ it’s  C –O- NO!, What is it, I should know this, I took Biolo, I mean chemistry… It’s Ceeeeeeeeeeeee. “All this time he is talking he is trying to get a drink from his straw practically sticking the straw up his nose in the process. Very much like Will Smith in the movie “Hitch” Very funny stuff! I say  “Hon, I think you are over thinking it!” I was telling him about this, hours later and he said, “Oh, I thought you were trying to see if I was coherent by asking me if I knew the chemical makeup of alcohol.” I told him “No honey, the average person doesn’t know that kinda stuff! LOL …I love my life!