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                  So, my husband and I worked on building a headboard for our king size bed together. It turned out beautifully! But when we went to hook it to the 2’x6’ frame we made for the mattress a year ago there was a slight problem. There was 2’x6’ cross support board right where we needed to put the bolts through to attach the 3’x3’ posts. So I say “we need to take that piece out and move it back a few inches so we can get the bolts in the right place.” My husband says “That isn’t going to work; we need to move it forward.”  “What are you talking about “I said, “That doesn’t even make since.” Well this went on for a few minutes, with as you guessed, us getting a little miffed with each other. Then as my husband is saying “It has to go forward” His hands jester moving it to what I would think of as moving it back. So I repeat the motion saying “so are you saying we need to move it this way?” He says “yes, forward.” I just smile, laugh and say “I agree,” we had been arguing because we were saying the same thing two different ways… I love my life!


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