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Lesson #1

So, today my students first took time to draw some base line drawings. These will be used as markers of their progress over the passing of time and learning process. This is always an important part of any project, we want before and after pics.

To start off I had them draw a basic picture of a hand, one of a face, and one of a chair. They both did fabulous!

With each drawing we go over what the student “likes” and “Dislikes about his piece, Jotting down notes that we will be able to refer back to later.

I also had them draw a picture of the full body of a  person. They did a great job!

We then had fun with drawing some Faces /  Vases and a few other fun drawing tricks. These is exercises to get our Left (verbal, analyticel)  brain out of the way so our Right (creative, spacial) Brain can take over.

After all this was don we spent time just painting for fun with acrylics on canvas learning how to paint with the knife. This is a fun project because the painting starts as a blank and becomes something right before your eyes. with each stoke of the knife new ideas come to like and before you know it you have a beautiful idea forming in your head of what it represents. SO FUN!  We also learned splatter techniques with a large paint brush for big splats and a tooth brush for small.







First I did a knife painting with some fall colors and we all decided that we saw a fall forest, so going with that we added different colors of large and small splatter to represent leaves. After it was completely dry I added some final details by adding shadows and highlights to the trunks. I also added some glazing around the edge to create a little depth. I also demonstrated a sponging technique to add under brush and a final layer of leaves. It was such a fun project.














All of our paintings sit out to dry side by side. I love the imaginations of these kids!

Titled left to right

“The Compass” by artist Joshua Hanson
“Reflections” by artist Joshua Hanson
“Fall Fire” By artist Jackie Miller with assistance from artists
   Joshua Hanson,Emily Hanson
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