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Lesson #2


Here we are learning to make the shift between Left brain (analytically thinking) to the right brain (creative) side. To trick the brain so that the Left side can not name body parts and facial features we flip the line drawing upside down, and then try to duplicate what we see. This is very difficult as the new student’s Dominant Left brain insist on naming things, even if it is not good at it. Eventually the Left side will give up on its task to name everything and allow the Right brain (Creative side) to take over.

It is amazing how good the replication is even for beginners. The point of this exercise is for the student to start to feel the shift from Left to right brain. It is very exciting to hear the students after class talk about the shift. Great Job kids!





Just for fun lets compare this drawing to their first  base line drawing of a human figure.Quite the improvement if you ask me!









Just for fun after our lesson was complete we got out our acrylics again and had some painting fun! These kids are amazing creative!























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