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            My son asks “Where does sour dough starter come from?” So I explained to him “in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth and the sour dough bread starter. And He said that it was good. One day a greedy lady found the sour dough started and discovered its magical powers to keep her young. So she hid it in her kitchen where it grew. Until one day the queen got very ill and the king issued a decree to search for the sour dough starter and bring it back to the queen. Well the queen  eat the sour dough bread and recovered quickly, and there was great rejoicing. Now the Old greedy woman, wanted the healing powers of the bread back so she kidnapped it and……” my son Isaac, at this point interrupts my story by saying “wait, this sounds a lot like a different story all together.” Oh well I tried… I love my life!




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