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So, I go to church early on Wednesday nights for a prayer meeting, right? Well this Wednesday I forgot to take a sweater, so I borrowed one from my daughter. I show up at church and my 21 year old son is sitting with a friend talking when I walk up to him. He Says “Hey Mom, how was your day? Hey, where did you get that jacket?” I told him “I forgot to bring a sweater with me, so I borrowed one from your sister, cause it is always so cold in the prayer room. You know I can’t handle being cold” to this he replies “Well you have this,” and he reaches out and pokes me in the jelly belly. Now I knew that Isaac meant no harm in his statement and poke, in fact, I was completely aware the he was still formulating in his mind the rest of his statement, as he is not a master communicator by any means. At this point the guy sitting next to him gets this horrified and embarrassed look on his face and he covers his face trying to disappear into the woodwork. Following right on the heals of his friend’s reaction Isaac completes his statement by saying, “Your beautiful blue sweater.” Now, being me, and not being able to resist toying with his friend, I say with a shocked and raised voice tinged with hurt “ What is that suppose to mean? Are you saying that I’m fat, that my fat should keep me warm?” to this his friend says “Yah man, I can’t believe you did that to a woman, especially your mom!” At this point Isaac and I burst out laughing hysterically. I explained to the young man that I was messing with him because of his reaction and that I was not upset with Isaac in the least. LOL~~~ I Love My Life!


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