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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo the phone rings and I see that the caller ID says Canyonville Christian academy, and automatically think it is Isaiah calling home from school to ask to stay late. (he does that a lot) so I pick up the phone, but when I hear this high pitched voice say” hello?” My mind tells me “Oh, No Isaiah is crying, something must be terribly wrong, what could it be now Lord?” (I can’t even remember him calling home crying ever, but still.)Then the voice says, “Jackie” and I recognize it as being Diane’s voice (the secretary) and for some reason, who knows, I guess since I had jumped to the conclusion already that Isaiah was crying, that now in my mind Diane is crying. My panic muscle flexes even more. I answer “yes” ready to hear the terrible news. There was an agonizing pause of maybe .25 seconds before her reply “Oh hi, I just wanted to verify that your address has changed from… to … Is that right?” Why does my mind do this to me? LOL… I love my life!


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