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My hands look old, I guess they should,

with all they have done the bad and the good.

The diapers they have changed, tears they have dried,

Cookies they’ve burned, shoes they have tied.

One thousand burpings give or take a few.

It amazes me sometimes, what these old hands can do.

Draw portraits of loved ones, Painting big rooms,

pushing more than my share of mops and brooms.

Cleaned up throw up, and poop, and an occasional wee.

Cleaned children’s rooms that looked more like tornado debris.

Cooked meals for a neighbor picked plenty of flowers.

Sewn wedding dresses for hours and hours and hours.

Stayed up late with the sick to wipe feverish brows.

Fed chickens and pigs and even milked cows.

Played piano, baseball, guitar, and tambourine.

Football, gymnastics, they’ve even played mean.

Holding their ground in a fist fight alongside the boys,

wrapped presents for children, made a few toys.

But my favorite things ever these old hands do…

Hold your hand, touch your cheek, and hug you!

Yeah! These hands look old and they probably should

with all they have done the bad and the good.

By Jackie Little Miller


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