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Tear stained photograph of days gone by,

She kisses it and starts to cry

Remembering love for her beloved man

Now lying berried in some foreign land.


The years have passed so slow, so dry

Since they had said their last good-bye.

How long had it been since they last touched?

How could she still miss this man so much?


Her Children grown, grand children play

She lives without him every day.

She sees him in her grandson’s eyes

Holding back a tear, so as not to cry.


Blessed by the Lord, her life’s been good.

She carried on just like she should

Coming now to her final days

“Let me join him now Lord” she humbly prays.


And bending near, God took her breath

Reposing beauty in her death.

A gentle smile, at last she rests

Clutching his photograph to her breast

                                                                        By Jackie Miller


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