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Lindsay Guitar   So, I’m sitting at the computer working, Isaiah is doing home work and Isaac in his room… my husband sitting on the sofa, picks up a piano lesson book my son brought home. Before we know it he is singing, (in his best Judy Garland voice) “Somewhere over the rain bow, way up high, there’s a place that I dreamed of once in a lullaby, both hands now!“  And he starts laughing and says “what is that suppose to mean?” then without missing a beat he continues to sing the song! Working his way through the book singing a line or two from each song he recognizes and making some offhand remark about each. Like a one-man comedy act; all the time the rest of us are giggling to ourselves unbeknownst to him, he is entertaining us without even realizing it.  “With Gilligan, the skipper too, the millionaire and his wife, movie star, the professor and Mary Ann, here on Gilligan’s Isle”…. I love my life!


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