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So, I am going through the process of getting bifocal contact lenses, right? I have had three weeks now of different stages of blurry vision. One week I can see far off, one week close up, one week not so much of either and oddly enough, much better of both. Weird!Night driving has become a huge challenge this last few weeks with headlights being beautiful large stars.

So yesterday I get my last fitting, and things are looking pretty good, till the sun went down.  Good News is I am no longer seeing large stars in the headlights. Bad news, I am seeing space stations! Huge  glowing space stations! I got into the van to drive home and I had to pull over after just a mile of freeway and let my son drive the rest of the way home. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to Death Star! Yikes.  I may just have to go with Glasses, this is crazy! ~~~ I love my life!


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