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382087_10151152861092548_713736885_nWow! 2012 was an awesome year! Looking back I see a year filled with change, excitement, love, new friendships and a few good byes. We laughed, we cried, we loved.

            The most exciting thing about this last year is seeing God’s hand moving in everything that happened, the good and the not so good, in the pain, in the lose and the morning, the terrible storms our country faced, the unthinkable horror of losing school children to the hand of a troubled soul. God was moving in all these things, loving people through the acts of kindness from strangers, to the arms that comforted the morning.

This year also brought three young men that my family has been praying for, for years to a saving grace. It is unexplainable and  awesome to see a soul turn from being troubled,  and on the verge of suicide, to being filled with an overwhelming inner peace and Joy! God is so good!

If you have had a rough year; If you are struggling just to breath your next breath, please know that the God of the universe loves you dearly and wants good for you. Call on Him for help, He will meet you right where you are. No matter what you have done, or how unworthy you feel you are. Jesus Christ loves you and was willing to lay down His life to pay the payment (Punishment) for your sin. That who ever believes on Him, calls upon him and repents (asks forgiveness and turns away from sin) and asks Him to take control of their lives, will be saved.

I asked only yesterday to hear the testimony of a young man who gave his life to the Lord on Christmas day. He said he was an alcoholic and suicidal and felt that there was no reason to go on living, no way out of the mess he was in. Out of desperation,  and in tears he asked his father what he could do. His father had the wisdom to tell him that only God could change his life and prayed with this precious young man to receive Christ into his life. My friend said he felt the weight lifted from him and was filled with peace and joy! He no longer has any desire for the alcohol! That is the God I serve! He is the living God, the only one who can change you from the inside out.

My prayer for you is that you will come to know God as this young man did this year. May God bring you to a saving knowledge of Him that goes far beyond any peace you could have imagined! Happy New Year!


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