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So my oldest son Isaac is making cookies in the kitchen, my youngest son Isaiah comes in and picks up a kitchen towel and starts snapping his brother with it. All in good fun of course, both are laughing and dancing around trying to avoid and aim. I see Isaiah with the towel and casually walk over to pick up a towel myself. Joining in I take his attention away from unprotected Isaac. Then I realize Isaiah has a wet towel. I say “you cheater, you have a wet towel!” to which Isaiah just laughs his evil laugh. So I close in and as he is dodging my towel snapping on his arm, I grab his wet towel and throw him my dry one. Now, He is franticly trying to land a snap on me working his way closer and closer. When I realize he is within striking distance I snap and hit my mark. We are both laughing and screaming and having a great time. And more importantly I am winning. Then my husband decides to help by calling me on the phone, thinking we will stop our battle, but that is not what happened. Instead I stupidly back myself into the corner to answer the phone: turning the tide of the fight. I realize it is my husband and hang up quickly and try to get myself out of the corner. All the time I am chastising my husband for getting me into such a vulnerable position. He says, “just trying to help!” Anyway, Isaiah and I continue until our arms cramp up and feel like they are going to fall off. Such fun! And I have to say I WON the match as Isaiah was covered with red spots and I had none! LOL! Hopefully I don’t get reported for child abuse, he is 18. :D~~~I love my life!


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