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My son Isaiah is a real goof Ball. He loves life, is colorful and fun loving. Everyone loves Isaiah and wants to spend time with him because, being with him is exciting, and unpredictable. He loves the Lord and loves making people smile and laugh. He is a Tom Sawyer who motivates people to do crazy fun things. I have often said “I can;t believe the things you can get grown people to do.”  Why? Because they love him and want to do anything he thinks is fun!DSCF9057He never makes a serious face in life. So the chances of getting one in a photo, is almost impossible. In fact I have seen his goofy faces so many times that when I have tried to draw Him serious, I find, it just didn’t look like him. So I choose one of the most ridiculous photos he took of himself to do a painting from. Now I tried to do each portrait in a style that fits that person’s personality, so for Isaiah I went abstract. I chose the bright colors that he loves so much and wears constantly for the background. Final result

“CRAZY FUN” 16″x20″ Acrylic on canvas


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