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So, My husband gets random days off of work each week and we don’t find out till Thursday or Friday what next weeks schedule is going to be. A bunch of Ladies wanted me to come help them sort some quilt squares into colors that go together well, kinda making up quilt kits to send home with ladies that are willing to sew them together. Well I made plans with these precious ladies to meet on Monday,  and lo and behold Monday ended up being my husbands day off. Usually I cancel anything that falls on that day, because frankly, I would rather hang out with my man than I would with any one else.

He had plans to take down the exterior Christmas lights since it wasn’t raining and was a relatively not freezing day, but he wanted me to go spend time with the girls, thinking he could just do it later.(This is a very rare thing for him, to be flexible and change his plans spur of the moment!) So He drove me into town. We went out to lunch together,  then he took me to the church where everyone was meeting. He hung around and talked to the janitor (his identical Twin brother)  We worked for hours and well, before you know it, it was getting dark. The ladies and I packed up, but we still had errands to do before going home. Though I could tell my husband was frustrated about the Christmas light, he didn’t say a word about it.
Today Is so beautiful outside about 60 degrees and Sunshine. Even I think it is warm! So to bless my husband back, I went out and took down the Christmas lights for him and washed the windows inside and out!. 😀 ~~~ I love you honey~~~ and I love my Life!


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