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prince-of-egypt-movie-still-2            So, Isaiah is doing dishes, it is my husband’s day off, so he is walking through the kitchen with his list of TO Do’s in his head when I stop him and hug him, right? I start singing “You love me so much, you want to hug me whenever you see me, and you won’t fart when we hug. You will kiss me without burping in my face then laughing about it!” Big smile on my face. My husband says’ what is this, like a subliminal song or something?” I say “ Yes, and some day when you are Pharaoh, and I tell you that you are the son of a slave , and you don’t believe me I will start singing this song to you and you will just know!” Here my son Isaiah interrupts and says “He wasn’t pharaoh, (Pause) It was Joseph!”  my husband takes this opportunity to get back to work on whatever it is on his brain list. I walk over to Isaiah who is standing at the sink. I laugh and say “He wasn’t Joseph he was Moses.” Isaiah starts singing as he is spraying the sink down.” Hush baby Joseph, (he looks at me funny then back at the sink then at me again) be still don’t you cry.” Again I laugh and say “its hush my baby.”  “and it was Moses!” I walk over to the crock pot, and then I notice that my cloths are all wet. I say “how did I get all wet?” then my mind remembers the strange look he gave me just seconds ago. He starts laughing hysterically and says “I can’t believe you didn’t notice when I sprayed you accidentally while I was cleaning the sink!” The Punk!~~~ I love my life!


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