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sonyBigfootSo, I had a dream last night that we had found ourselves  a young Sasquatch. It had formed a great friendship with our cow (another animal that we do not own) Now we let our Big foot sleep under our dinning room table at night. I would let it out in the morning so it could have it’s morning potty break right? But the poor thing didn’t like the freezing weather, so try as it may, it couldn’t go. Then the cow mooed and the Sasquatch remembered his friend and wanted in to visit with him. I told it NO! you have to potty first. Well the thing being bigger and stronger then me pushed past me and ran into my kitchen and proceeded to wiz on my floor. All the time I am yelling “NO! NO! THAT’S SICK, STOP! GROSS, YUCK STOP! The big ugly  thing just looks at me with a confused face and can not figure out why I am in distress, after all didn’t she do exactly what I asked of her.

So now I am mad and sick , and ranting, while cleaning up the huge horrible stinky mess. So the Sasquatch goes over and frees the cow (Which I apparently keep in a stall in my living room) And they both run away together happy just to be with each other and free. Now I am not upset at all that they ran away, actually I am pleased, but the thought going threw my mind at the time was “Good luck with that! You can’t even pee outside when it’s cold. You’ll be back!”

Ha! I love my crazy dreams ~~~ I love my Life!