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So. My husband is in the kitchen baking, and talking to himself “I’m going to add more spices this time ,cause last time these were not very spicy. I’ think I’ll add brown sugar too.” I’m in the living room hanging new curtain rod hardware and measuring and hammering away making comments like “These windows need calked again …” Finally I look up at my husband realizing how funny this moment is with him baking and me being the handy man/woman and I say to him, “Look at us,” And I start mocking the things he is saying and the things I am saying, We laugh and he says “we are just functioning in our strengths.” Just then I hit my thumb with the hammer and say “Ouch!” He continues with “Or maybe not!” ~~~ I love my life!


This is what the curtains in my living room have looked like for about 10 years. Being on a small budget but wanting change I altered them. Now I have cafe’ curtains and I can see out but the lace offers a little privacy. Also I hung a bunch of my crystals that I use for Christmas decorations on a small chain my husband bought for me just for this purpose! I love it and get rainbows all over my walls when it is sunny out!




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