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578830_3099162418600_1089490711_nSo, the other day I forgot to log out of my Facebook in the house and went to paint in my studio. As I am out there I turn on the computer to listen to music as I paint. I log into Facebook in case people need to contact me for something. My son was trying to find a photo for inspiration to paint something himself but couldn’t find what he was looking for; so I sent him to the in house computer to look in those files. As I am sitting at my computer in the studio I hear the chat tone indication that someone is messaging me. I look and it is me. I say “what file are these certain pictures in?” Now, I am freaked out. I don’t remember typing this message, let alone even thinking it. So I type back “Did I just type, and repeated the question?” I soon get back the message “yes you did, and never mind, I found it.” So I am really weird-ed out now.(I have been watching a lot of the TV series Fringe lately, so I was starting to think that maybe I was talking to myself in an alternate universe. LOL) I’m pretty sure it is Isaac but can’t figure out why Facebook is showing it as me chatting to me. Finally I walk into the house to figure out what is going on. There he sits at the computer, on my Facebook chat talking to me, as me. So weird! It used to be that if I logged in on a different computer that it automatically logged me out of the other. ~~~ I love my life!


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