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So, I pieced together this beautiful quilt a few weeks ago and a good friend of mine quilted it for me. We are making it for some friends of ours who are adopting. Anyway I got it back to put the binding around the edge. Even though my shoulders have been hurting, I was excited to get this beauty done. And it turned out great!


Inspired by how well it turned and tired of not doing anything for two weeks because of shoulder pain,  I tried to piece together another quilt top that I had already done all the hard work on. All I needed to do was sew 5 inch strips between the rows, easy, right? Well that is what I thought. But since I was in pain, I rushed and didn’t keep squaring it up like I should. result… Well its kinda cattywampus! Pretty bad actually though the picture doesn’t show it as bad as it is! Not only that but I misjudged the pink and added a blueish pink to a quilt with warm pink flowers. so now all the off white looks yellow! And those of you who know me well know that that means! ~~~ I LOVE MY LIFE!


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