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Picture a seen where you are on the beach having a great day. The sun is shinning, it’s hot with a cool breeze blowing. People are swimming in the warm water and the sound of laughter is in the air. You see the Life Guard tower manned by a good looking life guard in a bright red swim suit. He is a beautiful bronze color with perfect hair and teeth. All of the sudden you hear cries for help, some one is drowning. The life guard hears the cry but remains seated, unmoved by the seriousness of the moment, apparently numb to the emotions of the people crying out for help. When asked why he doesn’t get up and rush in to help, he simply says, I have no right to impose my will on someone else. It is not my place to get involved. I am in plane sight and everyone knows I am a life guard. If that person needs help, he can ask me and I will be glad to help him, but other wise it’s just not my place.

Is this man really a life guard? He wears the uniform, He sits in the right place? Lets face it he looks great, yet he never moves to save a life! I don’t know about you but I want a life guard that runs into the fray. One who takes all care and precaution yet jumps in to save a life when it is needed. I don’t care what he or she looks like, or that they say they are a Life Guard, I want them to prove it by always being on the watch, always scanning the horizon for those in peril. One who at a moments notice will be down from his perch and into the water before others even realize that someone is in danger. He spots them and  is on the move. How about you.?

With this picture in your mind, I ask you to think about another man. He wears the right cloths, and goes to church on Sundays, maybe regularly, maybe not. A man who calls himself a Christian but is not moved by compassion to tell others about his faith. Not moved to tell others about the God of the universe that cares for them and that has made such a life altering change in their life. But, he has decided not to make waves and just leave people to their own business of living and dying.

To some of you, that might be just what you think he should do. I know that some people get tired of Christians sharing their faith, but I want you to know what our motivation is.

We are not trying to push our religion down your throat as you may think. The Bible tells us that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”(Rom 3:23) that “the price for that sin is death”( Rom 6:23) And we also know that ” If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”(! John 1:9) You see “God loves you so very much that He gave His only begotten Son ,that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life.”( John 3:16)

So,when Christians take the time to share the gospel with you, it is not because we want to tell you that you are bad and that we are good and that you better be like us or you will die. The Bible says” There is none who do good” (Psalm 53:1) What we are saying is that we see you struggling in the crashing waves of life, struggling with sin. We are concerned for you, because we to have been there and were rescued, pulled out to a place of peace that passes understanding. We  know that Christ died to save you and want you to know that too. It’s because we care for you that we share our faith.

It seems it would be easier to be quiet and not say anything, but we are compelled by God to say something to you , because He cares for you so much. It’s like the life guard jumping in the water and giving you the life preserver.He knows if you will grab onto it you will be saved.

Sometimes the person in peril is so scared and out of control that he will grab onto the rescuer and fight with him and pull him under. So desperate for life and air that he attacks the very person that cares enough to pull him to safety.

I know that many of you want us to shut up and leave you alone. You want us to be that silent life guards on the perch that does nothing but look good. But I ask you, is the “Christian” that sees you in need and is not moved with compassion to give you hope, is he/she a true Christian? Jesus was moved with compassion to die for you, to pay the price for your sin, so that you would not have to be eternally separated from God.

He was not just a good teacher, He lived what he preached. The word Christian means Christ like. We are not Christ like if we can see someone who needs life and we are unmoved to help give it. As a Christian I can not sit ideally by and watch you struggle for breath and not try to pull you from the raging sea. Why , because I love you with the Love of Christ. You may get angry with me, you may grab on and kick and scream at me and pull me to my death with your words or actions. But like a good Life Guard, I am willing to take that chance to save your life (SOUL) even if it means giving up mine. Even if you think I am a quack, or self righteous. Even if you hate me for it and call me names or never speak to me again. I love you and want you to have life and that more abundantly.

Life Guard on duty! Food for thought!


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