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Entwined By Jackie Miller

Deep in meadow alongside country church,

Grew proximity close a maple and birch.

Placed by design with the Master’s own hand,

Winds strengthen and prune as part of His plan.

Storms threaten the two, harsh wind against wood,

But by embracing each other the little trees stood.

Leaning on each other through heartache and pain,

They struggled together through long drought and hard rain.

Branches would marry as wood weaves and entwines,

aided only by God and the passing of time.

Little leaves dance around and laugh as they play,

while lovers kiss ‘neath the arms of their shade.

Each tree knowing its purpose, it’s individuality,

but to the young lovers, stands one magnificent tree.

For they do not make distinction between the two,

but delight in the spectacle, enjoying the view.

Love carved initials engraved in trees heart,

a vow to each lover never to part.

As summer greens change into autumn’s bright colored dress,

As if a kaleidoscope of angles have come here to rest.

Rays from behind cumulonimbus, light beams,

Illuminating leaf in Holy fire it seems.

How wonderful the Master to garnish and display,

Two such ordinary trees in such an exquisite way!



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