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So, My husband kinda has to talk out (I call it downloading) every bit of information he has learned in the day, every evening in order for him to relax. So he is telling me about this articular he had read about air port scanners ; right? So, I am listening like a good wife.

This is me listening.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He tells me that Air ports have been using  security scanners that are so strong that it can detect breast implants and hernia scar tissue and such. That they are now thinking about making the scanner more surface oriented and not such a deep search, since this infringes on people’s right to privacy.

So I say “What about people who hide things in their rectum? if they don’t do a deep scan how will they find those things? People could sneak explosives on the the plain that way!”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He looks at me and says, as if trying to remember exactly what the  article said, “They did say that” (Pause)

“you have to be careful not to” (Pause)

place a block of cheeseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Or Sausage” (Pause)


           “In your“(Pause)


Cause they are the same consistency and can be mistaken for a bomb in the scan!”


Laughing I say “What does that have to do with my question?”

He replies “What is so funny? What Question? You asked me a question?”

I forgot that he doesn’t really listen when he is downloading!

When I restated the question after I had gotten his full attention, we both had a good laugh! ~~~ I LOVE MY LIFE!

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