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I was inspired buy this video I watched on YouTube. This style of art intrigues me, yet I am such a tight artist it is hard for me to stop, leaving it loose and messy without trying to add more detail and structure. yet I loved the simplicity of this piece that Leo/Taekwoon creates. So here is me trying hard to  let go.

stage oneHere I incorporate the shadows and drips. As you can see I am already adding more details the the artist I am trying to  study. But I am having fun, and this is my first, Well! second attempt. I’m not going to let you see the first attempt as I added to much detail and it got stiff and not at all what I wanted.

From here I attempt to add more indication of hair with out the detailing. You can see that I go uncomfortable with out defining the top of the head so I tried to indicate it without over doing it> And frustration with myself set in.phote 2

next I really got carried away with the idea of the drips and how fun they were. so I added more, cause if you like some you must like more, Right? maybe, maybe not. the jury is still out on that one. But again I had fun experimenting with the process.phot 3So now I am really starting to like the painting but I am bothered by the top of the head being so defined. I struggled with whether I should try to fix it and possibly mess up the whole painting or leaving it alone. But in true Jackie Miller fashion, I couldn’t leave it alone. photo 4

So I took out my spray bottle and spritzed it to soften the lines and hopefully create a kind of glow. I also add some green shadows around the eyes nose mouth and neck to give greater depth and of course definition. feeling that I was done, I sat it down and walked away to let it dry good. When I came back in I felt it needed a splash of color on the other side of the head also. So I splashed them in.photo5So with house work calling me I reluctantly put this piece down for the day. Yes I love it, even though it is nothing like the one in the video that inspired me in the first place. Yes I added to much detail and tightened it up more then I wished to. But I also learned a lot of fun stuff today. Now the question is, Is she finished? I don’t know! What do you think?

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