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So It’s lovely out side and I decide to barbeque some chicken for supper, right? I head out back, move the Barbeque away from anything flammable and start it up, and head back into the house to prepare some veggies to cook with the chicken. I tell my son “ In a few minutes after the rack is heated and stuff starts burning off of it, I need you to go out and brush it down good with the wire brush.” He says “Ok!” Soon I am finishing up the veggies and tell him “OK, go out now and get it done I am almost ready to start cooking.” He looks out the back door and says’ Wow! It’s really smoking!’ I say “good, that will make your job easier cause it will be mostly burned off before you get there.” He says “So where is the brush?” We start looking around in drawers and on the shelf that it is usually on and my son says, “UM, MOM, That thing is really smoking” So I look and sure enough smoke is rolling out of it.

We run outside and I notice fire is dripping from the bottom of the thing onto our wooden deck and there is a very strong smell of plastic in the air. I reach out and turn it off as quickly as possible.” I wonder, what was in there that burned up?” I open it up and flames shoot everywhere. So I drop the lid again. A little later I open it again with the handle of a broom to keep myself from getting burned. This time I am able to see something about the size of a wallet. Now I am wondering why would someone put their wallet in a barbeque and leave it there. I get a small shovel and try to remove it from the thing so I can put the fire out. That is when I realized it was the brush we couldn’t find. My husband had put it inside the Barbeque to keep it from getting wet when it rained instead of putting it on the shelf where we usually keep it, thinking I would, of course, look inside before lighting the thing up. Insert sheepish grin! So we had fried chicken instead!~~~ I love my life!

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