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Last year when my grand kids went on vacation I got the privileged to babysit their pet beta fish. Being the nut that I am, I thought it would be fun to do something special for the kids. So I decided to take pictures of me and the grand fish doing something special together every couple of days and post them for the kids on Facebook. This was such a hit with the grand kids and I have to say I had such a good time coming up with new ideas. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Day 1:

1016804_10151488857067548_713140845_nI’m so excited, first time ever my grand fish gets to spend the night! Actually he gets to stay the whole time my grand kids are on vacation. Me and Blue are going to have so much fun together!

Day 3

1010519_10151488857222548_1967623667_nBed time story fun with my grand fish! Sleep tight little Blue! xoxox Yep! It’s all about the little things and making every moment count with those you love!

Day 5

1017489_10151488858882548_1450799298_nToday my Grand fish and I did art together. Blue did great while I painted his portrait, Blue you are truly a poser! Ah! Such great memories that blue and I shared
that we will never forget!

Next time you get an opportunity to keep an eye on your grand kids pet, remember me and the fun I had giving this special unique gift to my grand kids and the joy it brought to them. In fact the next summer I got to watch Blue the grand fish again and the kids asked me to send them more pics! So you  know they loved it when they ask for more. I Love My Life!

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