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1462624_552998194791948_1139318348_oSo my husband is a twin, right! And he gets a little crazy sometimes when he doesn’t get to talk to him. Well this weekend was one of those times as his twin (who is married to my sister) was out of town visiting their sister on the Oregon Coast. I am sitting on the sofa reading when my husband walks in with the telephone and starts dialing away. I ask “who are you trying to call?” He replies “Lynn.” I say back to him, “honey he is off visiting your sister, can’t you just let him enjoy his time away?” at this point Lynn answers his cell phone but he must be driving because the phone cuts out right away. Frustrating my husband and sending him into some what of a panic. I again question if he could just wait to talk to Lynn till he returns home from the coast. To this he says “I need to ask him if he has something I can borrow!” Finding this answer quite funny I decide to mess with him by saying in a very condescending voice as if speaking to a child, “well honey, I’m sure he does!” We both start laughing and my son chimes in “Hey Lynn, do you have anything I can borrow, CAUSE, I really need to borrow SOMETHING!” All of us roaring with laughter now, my husband finally gets out the words ” I meant something specific you nuts! I Love MY Life!


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