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85479eaf34e9d03Haven’t seen you for so long, though we used to be so close.

But I’m sensing something is wrong, though the conversation flows.

Your searching for something, But I see through your disguise.

Cause you can’t hide your heart behind hollow eyes.


Lucky charms can’t bring you peace, when you have a wounded soul.

Yet you know that life must end, so you’re scared of getting old.

If not created, Why this emptiness of soul?

What is this yearning deep inside your hollow eyes?


But I saw, and I cried, to see the emptiness and loneliness, that you try to hide.

I hope your soul finds the answers your mind is looking for.

And I pray that your lonely heart will finally find its way to Christ,

Cause only he can heal your hollow eyes.


I once was blind but now I see,

Jesus changed me, rearranged me, and placed this fire in my soul.

Jesus loves you, it’s the one thing, I know, that I know, that I know.


I saw, and I cried, to see you hide behind hollow eyes.