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578830_3099162418600_1089490711_nSo, I have had people telling me this week that I should Quit, Your getting old they say, Retire! But this is who I am. It’s part of me. How does one just stop being who they are? I have to say it hurts! It hurts me deep! But I’m just not a quitter.

Am I just too old to do this anymore? I’ve spent days analyzing it all. Earlier this year I participated in the back yard extreme hammock Slam! It’s rough and not an easy sport to  master. It’s much like stepping over the hammock but you have to get your momentum going at just the right pace as you lean all of your body weight forward. Then just as you would have normally clear the hammock you need to catch your toe on it in just the right place like a drag line on an airline carrier, which will launch your body forward and slam you to the ground before you know what happened. I haven’t quite figured out the point system yet, but again I must have shown lack of talent and been a complete failure at it because I was encouraged to stop it and never do it again.

So many of you have told me I should go down quietly while I’m at the top. And, well I tried. But Last Sunday I could feel myself slipping, Losing my grip even. Addicted to the sport I threw myself into Extreme Stair Traverse. But my husband told me It sounded like someone threw a bag of books down the stairs. It was horrible! The whole family just looked down on me. I could see their disappointment and embarrassment in their eyes as they helped me up.

I haven’t even broken a bone in years and the last few events I’ve participated in have even been lacking in trophy bruises. This last one being the worst as it is in such a place that I can’t even proudly display it!

Some of you have suggested that my down fall was because I wore socks. So now I question myself constantly. Should I have worn my support hose instead? I really thought I was doing the safe thing by wearing socks and keeping my toes warm, but maybe I was being too safe. But I could have died with my boots on. I just don’t know.

To tell the truth it is made even worse because most of this advice has come not from fellow contenders, but from complete  amateurs who have never tried the sport themselves. Can I even trust their advice?

I know Extreme Clutzing  is dangerous! I know I’m getting old and I should quit. But we all know that once an adrenaline junky, always an adrenaline junky. Lets face it folks , it’s just how I roll. ~~~ I Love My Life!

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