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Where are we as a church today? I was talking to a neighbor a week or so ago who had fallen a year ago and broke her leg in several places had pins surgically implanted, and has been wheel chair bound since. She was saying that she was frustrated with all the work that needed done around her place , weeds a foot and a half high, grass that needs mowed…and how her daughter was struggling to make ends meet and how she had just broken down crying at her in ability to do it all. Then she said something that brought me to shame. She said that she has had people come to talk to her about Jesus and not one of them have lifted a finger to help. She then made the statement that still rings in my ears, “Let them show me Jesus by helping me in my need, then I will be glad to listen to them tell me about their God!

Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick and touched the untouchable.

We “go to church!” Something is wrong here.

So today As I was getting ready to go to Sunday services, I was thinking of what I should wear, what the weather was going to be like so I wouldn’t be to cold or to hot. I made sure my hair looked great. Well as close to great as it would get this morning any way. I knew that we were going to have to leave with in minutes to make sure to get there in time and have a few minutes to chat with people before the service started.

I was putting on my make up When my son walks in the room and says that his Girl friend (who is house sitting for another one of our neighbor ladies,) had sent him a text LAST NIGHT. So apparently she had gone downstairs to get a snack at about midnight,  and noticed that all the food in the fridge was warm, that the Fridge was no longer running. But My son, knowing that we were already asleep for the night decided to be a sweet heart and not to wake us but to tell me in the morning. Probably not his best decision,  Right? Right!

So now there I stand in my prettiest cloths and I need to make a decision. DO I go to church since I am already 12 hours late on this info and there is probably little I could do, Or do I scramble the fleet and get as much food salvaged as possible for my neighbor and friend?

Well it turns out I really didn’t have to make this decision, because we don’t go to church! I didn’t have to take a vote and ask the family how many wanted to attend services and how many wanted to save food for our precious neighbor. I simply looked ant my husband and he looked back at me. It was immediate, it was understood.

Without thought of himself or if he would be late for work, my husband headed out the door to check out the situation. Was it a blown breaker? Was it going to be an easy fix or would it take more drastic measures? Even though he was supposed to leave for work in just a few minutes and he hadn’t eaten or packed himself a lunch. HE went and he served.

I pulled on an apron and opened our chest freezer and started to rearrange, evaluate, clean out and move what I could into our small refrigerator freezer to make room for our neighbors freezer food that was still frozen.

We have a lot of Ice in our freezer because my husband fills up every extra square inch of our freezer with water filled milk jugs just in case our electricity goes out so it will help to keep our food frozen longer. So I sent my son to take all of our ice from the freezer, put it in the van and drive over to the neighbors to pack her fridge with the ice and bring all the frozen stuff back here. If the fridge food was warm last night I doubted that much could be saved this morning, but by packing the fridge with ice it would keep what ever might be ok, cool till my neighbor gets home this afternoon to decide what to keep and what to throw out. He also put as much of her frozen stuff in her chest freezer as would fit, and brought the rest here to fit in our freezer space quite nicely.

By now it is late, maybe too late to get to services on time, but with out much thought we decide to go anyway. On the way there I realize that the van needed gas or we were not going to get to services at all, so again we stopped. As the tank was filling, it was 10:00am and services start at ten and we still had a 25 minute drive ahead of us. But we were not discouraged or stressed, We were not even late for church. Why? Because We don’t go to church!

We are the Church! Church isn’t a building with 4 walls, it is the body of Christ loving our neighbors as ourselves.

I have not told this story so you can see what a sweet family I have, or how wonderful we are. No! This I tell you because I think much of this truth gets lost in our busy lives. So often these days we get caught up in looking like the church but not actually being the church. My neighbor lady knows I go to church every Sunday and though she respects me and my family, she probably would not have been impressed or felt the Love of Jesus,  if I had chosen to go to church and leave her food to parish. But I guarantee that she will remember and has already been blessed because the church came to her this Sunday, and met her in her need.

So next time your on your way to church and you see a stranded motorist who needs their flat tire changed, or a lift to get gas, or some other need that needs met, but you are late for church, ask yourself. When was the last time I truly was the church? Food for thought!

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