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At the beginning of 2015 I set three goals for myself and decided to act on those goals with determination!

I had really never done this before, instead I have always given myself room to fail, as secretly that is what I expected I would do anyway. I am not sure when exactly in my life I had adopted this stupid attitude, but I was tired of it and I had decided that 2015 was going to be different! This time I was going to write my goals down and hang it where I would see it everyday, and be motivated into action. AND IT WORKED!

Goal List

#1 Teach art classes. This one the Lord had to give me a little nudge on, because though I wanted to teach, I still lacked the confidence in my work to feel that I had anything to teach to others. But through a series of strange and miraculous events, by mid February I was committed to teaching art classes at Ye Olde Art Shoppe in Myrtle Creek Oregon.

I have learned so much about how others see my talent and have learned to value what I know and have to share with others! I have also grown to love my students and all the precious people I have met through my time there.

#2 get my art in at least TWO shows. My art has been on display at our local Art Shop/ Gallery where I now teach art classes since  I started there. I also had opportunity through them to show my work in local summer festival booth. I finished out the year with a reception and showing of over 30 of my pieces as their Featured Artist there as well. On top of all that, as more showing opportunities came up I was able to get all of my art work framed in less then one years time.

I also became a member of the Umpqua Valley Arts Association and was able to hang my Colored pencil painting entitled Emerald Eyes in a members show in July and August.emerals eyes

In May I was contacted through my online Etsy shop by Mind Power Gallery in Reedsport Oregon and was invited to hang my 5 piece Tree Series acrylic paintings with them. One painting has already sold and the rest will be remain till I am able to switch them out for other pieces of mine soon.

Starting 2016 with a BANG

Starting Jan 2016 my coffee paintings will be featured at My Coffee in Roseburg Oregon . Then after they are done hanging there they will move to the MindPower Gallery.

I also started entering my art in contests. In November my piece “Cow Tagging” won in the beginner level in a national colored pencil group. This prize came with the honor of my painting being published in “COLOR” magazine which is for color pencil artists. I my piece just arrived in the January Addition. 😀 Starting off my New Year with a Bang!

Cow Tagging facebook jpg

#3 Become More Business Wise. This journey was complicated and tough, but well worth it. I learned to value my own work and the time it takes me to complete a piece. It taught me to put a dollar value on it as well, without feeling guilty about charging people for something that I enjoy doing.

I also had businesses opportunities come up that were both exciting and terrifying at the same time, causing me to spend serious time counting the costs and much time spent on my knees asking for guidance and wisdom. This process awakened an excitement and vision concerning the business side of my art that had not been there before.

I also purchased and set up my own website Jackielittlemiller.com. Here I have set up an online portfolio with added links to where you can view and purchase my work.

This year I have set new goals; along with each goal I have set a list of ways actions I plan on taking to achieving those goals. While I have been embolden by what I’ve learned this last year, I still have a long way to go. It seems silly that at 53 year I would still be dealing with such insecurities, but that is just the truth of the matter my friends.

This year I have been asked to describe my goals in just one word. The first word that came to mind was brave, but it isn’t enough. It’s just not the right word. Maybe courage? NO! Still not what I need. Then the perfect word came to me, Chutzpah!


Shameless audacity, Impudence.

Synonyms: audacity, cheek, guts, nerve, boldness, temerity

I’m tired of being timid and reserved. I want to stand firm, bold in who God has created me to be, and the talents that the Lord has given me. My word for 2016 is chutzpah. So if you hear me being timid and doubting myself, and my abilities. Please make me stop it, and remind me of my word for the year!